Monday, June 9, 2008

I've gotten two comments now about a new site called: It works almost exactly like However, each right answer gives .25 cents to World Vision, probably the biggest, broadest, most respected Christian Aid Agency in the world.
It's a brand new site, so the numbers aren't all that impressive yet. Also the game doesn't have as much flexibility as The word bank seems to be smaller, so it won't be as good for beginning English learners.
One cool thing about this site is that you can see running total of dollars donated go up as you play. That gives you the opportunity to see how your answers are making a direct impact.
I really believe in World Vision, so I might be playing this site some as well. Also, I'll include it in my recommended websites for my students. Props go out to whoever it was out there who decided to work out this site. This was a great idea (and a great way to mobilizes "roaches" for the Kingdom of God.)
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