Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 9: Eurocup and Chili

For the past several days, I've been waking up between 6 and 7:30 no matter what time I go to sleep. This was definitely not my plan for vacation! Maybe I'm getting old. My sister gets up around 5 every single morning. Not that she's old or anything! ;)
Luke and I enjoyed another beautiful morning run. This time Leah (Sarah's youngest sister) joined us for half of it. We saw a tiny baby rabbit and a deer on the trail.
After a lunch of ham and cabbage (Abby's favorite), several us watched the Spain v. Italy game in the Eurocup series. (I know we're behind, but Jess has DVR, so we had it recorded.) This is my third game to watch in this series, and every single game has gone to extra time. They've all been very dramatic, with the underdogs usually winning. I don't get to watch much soccer in Korea for three reasons. 1) I don't usually bother to figure out the schedule of games on the Korean TV channels. 2) I usually don't have the time to watch a long soccer game. 3) The game times rarely match my schedule - often in the wee hours of the morning. But all of these problems are solved here during vacation and thanks to DVR, so I'm really enjoying this.
After the game, I fixed chili for supper. I managed to put away the chili powder before we had to call any fire departments, and Sarah's family was all able to enjoy it freely. I never once heard the words "too spicy," so that's a big accomplishment for me.
As night set in, a storm moved through. When I was upstairs working on the computer, I was surprised to hear pea-sized hail pinking against the window. I went downstairs to watch the storm on the poarch, but as soon as I opened the door a sheet of rain blew through the screen door and doused my shirt. I decided to let the storm viewing wait for another day.
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