Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 3: Jetlag Strikes Back

Jetlag struck with a vengance on Day 3.
I forgot to take a sleeping pill the night before. (I usually take some melatonin for the first 3-4 nights to help fight the jetlag.) We went to bed a little before midnight, but I woke up bright and early in the morning at 4am.
I went out to the livingroom to read Pelican Brief, a John Grisham book I got from the library. At 5:30, I decided to try sleeping again. I went back to bed, but I only succeeded in waking up Sarah. Oops! She was NOT happy!
Despite a cup of coffee, I ended up crashing again around 10am. Sarah woke me up from a hard sleep around 12:30. I really did not want to get up, but I knew that sleeping more than 2 hours would not be a good idea for jet lag.
Emma fell asleep on Leah's back walking back from another trip to the library. After an hour and a half, Sarah woke her up, too. Emma is a big bear when she gets woken up from a nap. Nothing could stir her happily to the land of the living - not even a popcycle. Finally, Sarah put in a cartoon, and Emma sat up to watch that. In the process of keeping Emma awake, Sarah fell asleep on the couch.
During Emma's nap, we watched the movie Bobbie. Its all-star cast tells a series of stories around the story of Robert F. Kennedy's assasignation. It was well done, but a little disjointed. It ended beautifully with the audio of one of RFK's real life speaches about the foolish cycle of violence.
Sarah and I were in bed by 9 and sawing logs by 9:30. Day 4 is starting with our first good night of sleep in almost a week.

Little sidenote: This is post #150 for me.
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