Friday, June 6, 2008

How to Be a Roach

(We put this list in our bulletin this week to help people think about ways to respond to the sermon "Cockroach Theology". )

God can use small people (like us)
in many, many ways.
Here are a few ideas.
·         Sponsor a child.  Talk to Amanda (
·         Love your neighbor (literally, the person who lives next to you).
·         Support our Tanzania Mission Trip.
·         Spend time with your kids.
·         Advocate for national workweeks under 50 hours a week.
·         Participate with Compassionate Hearts Ministries (serving orphans,
homeless, migrant workers, and battered women).
Talk to Chris (
·         Spend time with students, children, and singles in our church.
·         Help out here.  Find a ministry in our church.
·         Pick up one piece of trash every time you go outside.
·         Give a regular portion of your income here.  
·         Give food for free:
·         Create loans for small businesses in developing countries.
·         Ask your government to relieve global poverty
o        Korea: 
o        USA:
o        Links for other countries:
(click GCAP sites)
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