Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 2: Resting and Emailing

So this is Day 2 of our vacation. Today we spent most of the day just relaxing around the house. Sarah went for a walk on a trail near the house.
Some of the aunts took Emma to the library to pick out some books. Then she and her aunts read them again and again.
I spent most of the morning catching up on emails.
After lunch, Luke and I went over a few blocks to help the local pastor who is repairing the roof of one of the Nazarene church members here. He had some big sheets of plywood he needed on the roof, so Luke and I helped him get them up there. He has really taken on a big job! He's basically replacing the entire roof.
In the afternoon, Emma took a ride on her grandpa's newly repaired motorcycle. She loved that.
After all of that, and after getting up at 5:30 am this morning, she was exhausted and begged us to let her take a nap. We finally got her up from the nap with the promise of popcycles.
Sarah and I walked to the library. On the way, I was swarmed by bugs (mosquitoes and flies). Sarah said I looked like the stinky kid from Charlie Brown. It was aweful. For some reason, they only attacked me, and they especially liked my hair. I finally just jogged the last two blocks home and left Sarah to carry my John Grisham book (Pelican Brief).
In a division of labor, we decided to take on different jobs. I volunteered to cook once every day. Tonight it was blueberry pancakes and fruit salad and eggs. The pancakes were OK, but the eggs were like rubber. Win some lose some.
Sarah's rushing me out the door. Gotta go.
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