Wednesday, February 27, 2013

100 Things I Love About Korea: #98 - The Year 2012

Thanks to the apartment the church helped us buy in 2011, we were able to host small group in our home that fall and in 2012.  We really enjoyed hosting again, and John David really connected with Pete!

We really enjoyed spending more time with James, Beth, and Abby Picket.  We had lots of fun Sunday afternoons (and into the evenings) playing Catan and just generally hanging out.  We were sad to say goodbye as they moved back to the states to prepare to do church planting in Hawaii.

With all the new babies in our church, Matt Banner did a double baby dedication with us and John David and HanSung and Virginia and their son Jordan.  Emma and I were really excited later to find a baby toothbrush with the brand name "Jordan," so we bought one for each baby.

Mom came to visit during the summer, and we were able to go down to the "World Expo" in Yeosu at the southern tip of Korea.  The folks at the Yemen booth wrapped us up in scarves for pictures, and it was worth their time.  I think Mom bought 2-3 scarves while we were there.

While Mom was in town, we took advantage of her love for our kids and went on a little anniversary trip.  We saw the Wizard of Oz spinoff - Wicked, and we liked it so much Mom took Emma to see it a few weeks later.

John David started getting into - well - everything.  Taking things out and apart seems to be his favorite pastime.

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