Tuesday, February 26, 2013

100 Things I Love About Korea: #96 - The Year 2010.

JD Wiley entered the world with all of his cute old-man-baby looks.  That meant we were able to be with Joe and Elena for the birth of all three of their boys!

A high schooler at our church gave Emma a baby rabbit for Christmas.  After debating hundreds of normal names, Emma named her Moscow.  Unfortunately, she died a few days later (probably due to a combination of us introducing new foods too quickly and her being separated from her mother too early).  We made it up to Emma by getting her a new rabbit for Easter, whom she promptly named Charlie Brown.  After we discovered that Charlie was a girl, we changed her name to Manilla.

Dr. YongBin Om and his family introduced us to the wonders of Bear Tree Park.  It is spectacular with beautiful landscaping and sculptures and lots of bears.

However, the best part - hands down - is that we were lucky enough to come at a time when we could actually touch and play with baby bears.

Emma started attending Korean elementary school.  It was a tough transition from her extremely gentle preschool to her outrageously demanding first grade teacher, but after a semester or so of struggle, we all adapted.  She made lots of great friends and is now fully fluent in Korean.

We had fun cheering Korea on in the world cup with our friends Brent, Jolie, and YoungJu.  The whole nation was awash in red for about three months!

Emma took a special class at the Nazarene Hakwon (after school academy) on drama.  Of course, she loved it!  Here she is with the Hakwon director and our close friend, Belle Choi.

Best of all, we were finally able to talk Michael and Elizabeth (Messamer) Palmer into coming to Korea.  We were extremely blessed to have them live nearby in Korea for about two years!  Life changing friendship/family.

We celebrated Christmas at our house with Michael and Elizabeth and our friend Rhys.  Good times.  But the best present of all was finding out that Sarah was pregnant with John David!

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