Thursday, February 21, 2013

100 Things I Love About Korea: #87 - The Year 2006

We started out the year 2006 with a visit from Sarah's parents.  Teaching at KNU's English camp enabled them to pay for their airfare and stay for about a month.
Not long after they left, I had to make an unplanned trip back to the USA to help care for my Dad who had major back surgery.  While I was gone, Sarah had to move our apartment without me.

But the move was for a good cause.  We were making space for our good friends Joe and Elena Wiley who were coming with their two boys, Brett and Ian.  That summer, we began what would be a long tradition of taking friends to DaeCheon beach.  On this go round, we had our good friends Mark and Naomi, and later the Wiley family.  This picture is one of my all time favorites of Emma.  They look just like an old retired Korean couple enjoying a day at the beach.

We also enjoyed lots of good fun doing small group at Belle's house. We went through books of the Bible and various books about life and Christianity.  But most of all, we prayed for each other and just generally supported each other and had a good time.   These are some deep and lasting friendships.

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