Sunday, February 3, 2013

100 Things I Love About Korea # 57: Replay - Butterfinger Pancakes

This is a repost from December 27, 2008.   Butterfinger Pancakes is still one of the best restaurants ever.

About six months ago, our good friends Adam and Elisa took new jobs and moved to Seoul.  When we saw them about a month ago at the concert in a helicopter (yes, in a helicopter - a big one), we made plans to come visit them after Christmas.  This weekend was the auspicious occasion.
We came with no plans whatsoever other than hanging with them and eating at the restaurants of their choice.  They suggested a place called Butterfinger Pancakes for supper on Friday night.  Adam said that if we ate there for supper we would want to eat there the next day, too.  He's right.  We're ruined.  This place has some of the best food I've ever eaten anywhere.  There may be a bit of deprivation speaking here, but I was overwhelmed with the lush goodness of most of their food.
On Friday night, Sarah had some nut waffles - light, fluffy, crispy, excellent.  Emma had the mac and cheese, also very good.  Adam had the Fresco Burger, and Elisa and I split a Fresco Burger and a salad.  The salad was blah, but the Fresco Burger was outstanding.  It's actually a sausage burger topped with two kinds of cheese and bacon, then grilled on high quality bread.  It's a living heart attack, but oh so delicious!

On Saturday, we sat around in our pajamas until noon.  What a welcome reprieve from our busy end of semester and Christmas schedule!  It was so nice to sip some coffee with friends and have nowhere we needed to go and nothing we needed to do.  We also called our friends Mark and Naomi who are now studying in Canada.  It was great to have all six of us on speaker phone, almost like old times.
About 2pm, we returned to Butterfinger Pancakes for another mouthwatering meal.  Sarah had a very good grilled bagel sandwich.  Adam and Elisa had a large omelet, packed with goodness.  Emma had straight buttermilk pancakes, which come with your choice of butters and fruit toppings.  Em was a little overwhelmed by all the choices, so we helped her out and recommended blueberry topping.

I had - get this! - the cream cheese and mozzarella pancakes.  It sounds a little weird, but I figured: "When will I ever be able to try this again?"   The cheese is actually in the pancakes.  I topped it with a side of sunny side up eggs.  It was incredible.  I was practically moaning as I ate!  I've never had pancakes so light and fluffy, and the idea of filling them with cheese was a stroke of genius.  Elisa passed me her extra pancake - I think a gesture of generousity for the newbies who can't come back tomorrow - and I gladdly downed this perfect specimen of all a pancake should be - light, moist, fluffy, sweet, but not two sweet, buttery, but not greasy.  I'm not kidding, I think those were the best pancakes I've ever had.
So if you're in Seoul and you have some time.  Check out Butterfinger Pancakes.  The prices are surprisingly reasonable for a Western style restarant in Korea.  They now have locations at least in ApGuJong and KangNam, maybe more.  Just google them to see some blogs.  They don't have their own website, though.
Thanks, Adam and Elisa, for opening your home for some much needed rest and relaxation and for introducing us to a restaurant that has already become a legend in my mind!

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