Thursday, January 24, 2013

100 Things I Love About Korea # 43: Great Seasonal Fruit

Out of season, produce is crazy expensive here.  But in season, you get a little pay back.
As a fruit (say pears or strawberries) approaches its regular season, the first fruits appear on the shelves for outrageous prices.  But then the prices and quality make their slow march downward to rock bottom prices.
We just hit the peak of mandarine orange season.  One bag of 30 or so costs less than $5.  I can put down 4-5 of those little gems in one sitting.
But my favorite is strawberry season.  At its peak, there are so many strawberries that the stores are practically giving them away just to keep them from rotting on their shelves.  Our family can go through a few pounds a day - easily!  Strawberries are just starting to get reasonable now, so my mouth is already watering.
Oh, and by the way, avoid the big grocery stores for fresh fruit.  Their supply chains are too long, and their fruit isn't fresh (especially Lotte Mart).  Instead, hit up your neighborhood fruit stand.  The prices are better, and the fruit is fresher.
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