Wednesday, January 9, 2013

100 Things I Love About Korea # 33: Incheon Airport

It’s the best.  
For seven years.
In a row.
To be the best in the world at anything is pretty amazing.  But to be the best for seven years running boggles my mind.   
According to Global Traveler, a US Based travel magazine, Incheon Airport (Korea’s main international hub) is the best airport on this big marble we call Earth.  Korea’s top airport consistently rates in the stratosphere on factors such as cleanliness, appearance, timeliness, organization, reliability, and supplementary guest services.  
I’ve been in dozens of airports around the world, and nothing touches Incheon Airport’s ease of use for large airports.  A few small airports are easier, but that’s like comparing 7-11 to Wal-Mart.
The whole airport is lined with beautiful Korean orchids.  These are actually really difficult to keep blooming, so they must have several full-time florists on staff.
Also, Incheon has loads of free cultural activities.  Just today, we passed a booth where people could pose for photos in Han-Boks (Korea’s beautiful traditional gowns).  On another trip, we were able to make key chain charms or Christmas ornaments using traditional Korean crafts.
It’s not particularly flashy.  It’s just a big, clean, nice airport.  But Incheon Airport does all the things an airport is supposed to do - and does them extremely well.
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