Friday, January 4, 2013

100 Things I Love About Korea # 29: Food - Galbi

Grilled meat.
Grilled right there at the table.
Enough said.

Well, almost enough.  For the uninitiated, let me explain the wonders of Korean Galbi.  Think fajitas with a healthier twist.
The meat comes out in strips on a big plate.  The two most common kinds are raw basic beef strips and marinated pork.  Both have their own separate deliciousness.
Using tongs and scissors, you put the meat on the charcoal grill at the table, and watch it cook to perfection before your eyes.  Next grab a lettuce leaf, and hold it in your hand like a tortilla.
Then, pick up some meat with your chopsticks.  (Grilled meat makes learning how to use chopsticks so much more motivating!)  Dip it in some sauce and/or salt.  Add some rice and vegetables.
She knows how to do it!
Then comes the best part, roll up the lettuce wrap into one huge ball and shove the whole thing into your mouth.  DO NOT try to take a bite like a sissy!  The whole thing will fall to pieces all over your lap.  Just shove it in - even if you have to bring in the other hand for reinforcements.
Then, enjoy the heaven that is galbi.
... that and keep your wet washcloth handy to clean up your hand in between bites.

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