Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SoYoung Update

Yesterday, the hospice called me and asked me to come out to visit SoYoung. (I go every day now anyway, but they wanted me to come out in the morning.) She is now mostly in a semi-coma state. She's not really awake and not really asleep - moving her arms and legs restlessly. She won't keep an IV in her arm, so the strongest pain medicine is not available.
She has occasional moments of apparent lucidity. I saw her shake her head "no" to a question from her mother, and she sometimes wakes enough to take some water. However, most of the time, she seems to be only dimly aware of others.
The doctors at the hospice estimate that she has only a few more days to live. Please pray for SoYoung, her family (especially her mom, who is with her almost 24 hours a day), and us her church.
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