Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quick Reviews

On the plane down, I finished Thomas Hardy's Return of the Native. It started out pretty slow, so slow, in fact, that Sarah and I gave up reading it aloud. However, the action got started in earnest after a few chapters. There was plenty of drama as the book progressed. Basically, it's a story about rash choices and their consequences, wrongs and reconciliation, patience and shrewdness. It was almost like reading poetry at times, but it was a bit too heavy with allusions to ancient literature. Overall, a very good read: jjjj.

A few months ago, I started The Art of Leadership, by Max DePree, a book recommended in one of my seminary classes. I loved it. Once I told Sarah, "I have never read a book that so clearly explains my own philosophy of leadership." I should add that I want to lead like this, but I often miss the mark.
The book is a bit rambling at times, but I guess leadership is too. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to lead (especially for those who are beginning to learn that leadership is all about relationships with people). Very, very good: JJJJJ.
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