Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Afternoon of Poetry

Yesterday, I spent several hours on the roof of KNU's JungNamSoo Building. It was a warm, windy, cloudy day. I was melancholy, thinking about SoYoung. The flat roof was lonely and quiet and full of dust, the residue of rain puddles. When I looked at the dust of those dried up puddles, something connected with how I felt, and I began to write.
I used to write lots of poetry, mostly in college. I wrote about love and girlfriends or unrequited love, mostly, but I also wrote about God and life and other stuff. I don't write much any more. I usually write only when I have some deep emotional experience, and going through all of this with SoYoung is moving me deeply.
Listed below are four poems I wrote yesterday. They may not be on the level of Longfellow or Poe, but they are genuinely mine, so I thought I'd share them. I also wrote two more poems which I might post later.
Also, I should say that I wasn't fully as sad as all of this sounds, but I felt a sadness in this direction. Often, it feels good to give full dramatic vent to my emotions, even if the expression is overstated.
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