Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Review Bankruptcy

OK, so I've decided that I'm too far behind to catch up on all the reviews that I've missed. I'm declaring "review bankruptcy" and starting over. From this point forward, I'll try to write a short little review on all the books I read.
This week, I read John Grisham's The Partner. I can only handle a few Grisham books a year because I usually end up staying up half the night when I get to the middle of the book because I don't want to quit reading. I did that on Tuesday night of this week. I probably read 200 pages in one night.
The over-all outline of his stories are generally predictable, but he is a master of suspense along the way. His characters get into such difficult circumstances, and I get so attached to the protagonists, that I desperately want to see how the conflict resolves, so I keep reading and reading.
The Partner was a very fun read, but it wasn't particularly profound. It was a good, fun novel, but not especially great in terms of literature. I'll give it 4js: jjjj.
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