Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Imposing a Curfew

As part of our effort to find a healthy rhythm, Sarah and I are imposing a curfew/lights out policy on ourselves. It sounds kind of silly, but we are tired of being tired. So our goal is now to have the lights out at 10:30 on week nights.
We are hoping that this will help us to get enough sleep so that we can do the other stuff in our day w/o feeling tired all the time. We have both found that it's really hard to find the motivation to exercise or to pray if we are tired. If I'm tired, I just fall asleep when I sit still for devotions.
This new lights out policy means that we often can't watch the TV show we planned to watch or don't read together as planned. We can pretty much just do one thing after we put Emma to bed, and then we have to go to bed ourselves.
I don't know if this means we are getting old or just facing reality - or both.
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