Monday, May 11, 2009

Finding my Rhythm

Well, as a white boy growing up in the suburbs, I never had any real rhythm, not musically anyway. I regularly step on Sarah's feet and/or lose the count when we dance.
But I did have some rhythm as a pastor. I had a schedule and a plan that worked for me.
Now, however, with more freedom and less office time (since I'm sharing with Sarah), I'm having a hard time finding a good rhythm. Also, I have to take Emma to school four mornings a week, so I can't go into work early.
I'm hoping to try something new - one night a week working late in the office, but we'll see how that materializes. For anyone out there who prays, occassionally even for me, I'd appreciate some prayers up to the Big One that he'll help me figure out a good working schedule that will help me take care of our church and my family (and myself along the way).
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