Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Emma Update

Emma is amazing us with her thoughtful questions and better understanding of the world. She keeps asking us questions like, "How tall is the biggest tree?" and "Do ants sleep?" We are so glad for the internet, where we learned that, yes, ants do seem to go into a type of hibernation and redwoods can be more than twice as tall as our 15 story apartment building.

Last night Emma and Sarah were working out with an exercise tape. Sarah thought Emma would do half the video with her then Emma could take her bath and Sarah would finish. They had finished the arms and abs sections, but then the next part came up and Emma begged, "Please, I need to do the thinks part, too, Mommy. What are thinks?" (thighs) Sarah let her continue and every few minutes she would yell out, "Am I doing it right?" or "Oh, that hurts, I'm getting stronger, Mommy!" Working out with a five-year-old has never been Sarah's idea of fun, but they did have a good time last night.
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