Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Planning Team Recommendations

At the beginning of 2008, our church gathered together a team of people to help us dream, think, and plan for our future as a church. We reevaluated our mission and vision, and we set some specific strategies of how to flesh out that vision.
Here is a summary of the Planning Team's recommendations.

KNU International English Church
2008 Planning Team Recommendations

Mission: To be a loving community that changes our world


  1. Renewed by God’s Love – being renewed by God’s love to love God, ourselves, and others.

  2. Multicultural Community – embracing our diversity as God brings us together through Christ.

  3. Global Change through Local Action – nurturing our local community to care for others here and abroad.

Priority Recommendation: Full-time Pastor

The Planning Team and the Advisory Council recommend that our church make Josh Broward a full-time pastor by February or March of 2009.

  • The 2008-2009 Advisory Council will work out the details regarding visa, budget adjustments, office needs, etc.

  • The contract will be for two years. The salary for the first year will be 24,000,000 won, plus anticipated taxes of 1,598,400 won. After one year, we will reconsider Josh's salary.

  • Josh will try to continue teaching one class at KNU and maintain his office on campus.

  • The Advisory Council is not recommending any immediate changes in other pastoral positions or external giving. (However, these may be needed later.)

Basic Strategies and Goals:

  1. Renewed by God’s Lovebeing renewed by God’s love to love God, ourselves, and others.

  • Encourage Personal Health (exercise and group accountability)

  • Family Health (activities, babysitting support, counseling)

  • Christian Formation (worship planning, mentoring, groups, sermon series, workshops, prayer)

  • Leadership Development (“Leadership Circle” for people who are called to Christian leadership.)

  1. Multicultural Communityembracing our diversity as God brings us together through Christ.

  • Welcome Team (greeting, preparation of building, hospitality to new comers, lunch groups, snacks and coffee)

  • Events and Celebrations Team (holidays, special events, regular social gatherings, retreats, connections with Korean Nazarene Churches)

  • Friendship Partners Team (Form friendship partnerships for singles, students, and foreigners.)

  • Support Team (Help non-native English speakers engage in our church and help foreigners adjust to life in Cheonan)

  • Information and Publicity Team (Increase internal and external communication and maintain records)

  1. Global Change through Local Actionnurturing our local community to care for others here and abroad.

  • Local compassion (Compassionate Hearts Ministries will help our church practice compassion toward needy people in Cheonan.)

  • Long-term International Partnership (During 2009 our Missions Team will select one international community in a developing nation for a long-term partnership which will be the focus of all our international missions activities and giving for the next 2-5 years.)

There will be a church-wide vote (for all members) at the Annual Meeting on November 2 to affirm the recommendations of the Planning Team and to hire Josh as a full-time pastor.

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