Saturday, September 6, 2008

Coming Home

Sarah and Emma left for Korea this morning. They are now flying westward over Texas. They'll stop in LA on their way to Korea. They will arrive on Sunday night.

Right now, I'm at my sister April's apartment, 20 minutes from the airport. We took the girls to the airport, got some coffee, visited my Dad's gravesite, and went to the grocery store, and we were home before 8am!

I am leaving Houston at 6:50 this evening (Saturday). Unfortunately, the ticket agent made a mistake when planning my two tickets. I will arrive in Korea on Monday night, not Sunday night. Thankfully, Steve has volunteered to teach my Monday class.

Yesterday, we got the last major financial issues settled for my Mom. We'll be working with their local bank to manage their finances and retirement packages. The bank can also help sell her house if she decides to move to Korea or somewhere else. We feel really satisfied with the banking team who will be working with us. It feels good to know that there will be some people looking out for her.

Yesterday was also my birthday - 31. It was kind of stressful day with finishing up final details and packing, but we were done with all of that by supper time. We enjoyed "lip smackin', finger lickin'" barbecue at Dickey's Barbecue Pit for my birthday supper. We got the family pack with a full pound of both sausage and beef (almost a kilo of meat), plus great sidedishes. It was absolutely some of the best barbecue I've ever had. We also had great service from the Dickey's crew. I was also surprised with some great birthday gifts: hotwheels from my sister (bringing back old memories), a "kiss the cook" apron from Emma (and Sarah), Friday Night Lights Season 1 (from Sarah), West Wing Seasons 3, 4, & 5 (from my Mom). That ought to be enough TV to keep us occupied for a very long time!

I have mixed feelings about returning to Korea now. I'm ready to be home (which in many respects is now Korea), but I know things will be very busy there as soon as I get back, and probably very busy for a long, long time. Also, I know my Mom and sister still have a lot to sort through back here. I know our church is ready for us to have us back, especially since I've been gone 9 out of 12 weeks in a row.
Thanks to everyone who has expressed condolences. Please keep praying for us as we get adjusted back to life in Korea and for my Mom and sister as they get adjusted to the "new normal" of life without my Dad.
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