Monday, July 21, 2008

Tanzania Update

Well, folks, our Tanzania trip is quickly approaching. We fly out in 19 days.
I had a good meeting today with Chris Hodam, our team leader (and a graduate of Southern Nazarene University). He is squaring up the details about tickets, visas, insurance, grounds fees and other expenses. We have now purchased all of our tickets (at the unexpectedly high cost of 1.8 million won or US$1,800), and we will be flying out on August 9, late at night.
Our team will have a total of 11 people. 8 will fly out from Korea on August 9. Two are already in Tanzania (Alfred, who is Tanzanian, and Jackie who is having a summer holiday there). One, Chris's dad, will fly out of the USA. We have 4 Americans, 1 Canadian, 2 Tanzanians, 1 Chinese, and 3 Koreans.
By the way, for anyone out there in the KC area, Christ Community Church kindly sponsored our trip as their good neighbor offering for the month of June. They raised $1302 for us. That really, really helps!
We also have some new information.
Based on our current information (which doesn't count any donations to come in through the church offering baskets in the past few weeks), we only have 3,674,000 won ($3,674) left to raise to meet our goal of paying for all of the grounds expense for our team in Tanzania (and 100% of the costs for our college students).
We have 2 more fund raisers coming soon. Next Sunday, we have a coin drive, which I'm hoping will bring in around 2 million won, and the following Sunday we have a spaghetti dinner. Between these two and other individual gifts, I think we can make it. If you are not a regular part of our church, and you'd like to help, you can give me cash (if you're in Korea) or click the "Donate" button on the right.
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