Sunday, July 13, 2008

Days 26 and 27

On Saturday, we had an early appointment at my grandparents' house for joker marbles. After a few games, we headed off to Conway for their favorite Chinese restaurant. The food was not so whippy, but we were surprised that one of the waitresses and one of the owners were Korean. They were very surprised to hear us and Emma speaking to them in Korean. The owner married a Chinese man and hasn't been back to Korea for 35 years. She was very surprised to hear that Cheonan is now half the size of Daejeon.
Afterward, the girls went out for some girl time. April took Emma on a special trip to get their nails done together. Mom was planning her annual or semi-annual studio photo adventure. However, she was greatly disappointed when Walmart was too busy to fit them in.

On Sunday, we went to a honky-tonk Nazarene church in Greenbrier, Arkansas. Actually, it seems like a really good church, with great connection with the community and appropriate for its context.
After church, we ate at a down home restaraunt called the "Wagon Wheel." The food was very good, but the environment was kind of like a truck stop.
We got in a few games of joker marbles and hit the road. Now we are all gathered in a hotel room near the airport getting ready for our "last supper" of pizza. And the pizza has just arrived!
I'm signing off until we get to Korea. We'll be leaving our hotel room sometime around 4 am tomorrow.
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