Saturday, July 26, 2008

Scrabble, Scrabbulous, and the New World

This week I started playing Scrabbulous (an online version of Scrabble) on Facebook with my sister, and I'm planning games with my grandma, my mom, and some friends. Yes, that's right, both my Mom and my Grandma are on Facebook, but I'm still using Sarah's Facebook ID.
Scrabble was the game of choice at my grandparents' house when I was growing up. Now with this online version, we can play with people who are far away, and we don't have to wait on each other to figure out their own plays.
It's great, and a lot of other people think so, too. Some 2,000,000 people have registered to play this game on Facebook, and 500,000 play it every day.
Scrabbulous was invented by a pair of Indian brothers, and the owners of Scrabble are not happy! The game has small advertisements that attach to the screen when you play, so with that much play, they are raking it it.
See this article for the basic facts.
And see this article by a techie online magazine for a new-world, post-modern perspective. The rules are changing.

It seems to me like innovation is changing all the way around, and this is just a classic example.
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