Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cool Music, Thinking Music

I'm reading Finding Our Way Again, by Brian McClaren, and in one of the later chapters he recommends some music by David Wilcox, Nance Pettit, and Carrie Newcomer. While Sarah has been enjoying a night with the girls, I've been enjoying these brilliant musicians.

In Out Beyond Ideas, Wilcox and Pettit intone entrancing ancient poems from mystics from a wide variety of traditions. Most are fairly short, reviewing some basic lyrics a few times. One of my favorites is "Slicing Potatoes," lyrics by Rabia of Basra (c. 717-801) Mesopotamia.

It helps, putting my hands on a pot,
on a broom, or in a washing pail

It helps putting my hands on a pot,
on a broom, or in a washing pail

I tried painting, but it was easier to fly
slicing potatoes.

Sounds like Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. Who would have thought that slicing potatoes could help you fly?
The whole idea of this CD is to utilize music to help people of different religious traditions see what we have in common in our core mysticism. I like it!

That led me on to David Wilcox's personal site, where I've been listening to his latest album Airstream. All of the songs were written during a 2 year long journey across the USA in an airstream camper, and then recorded actually in the airstream. Don't miss the very funny song "Reaper Sweapstakes."

Gotta go now, but I'll just point you toward Carrie Newcomer's site. Look especially for the "The Gathering of Spirits."
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