Friday, November 30, 2007

Emma's Piano Debut

Tuesday night, the KNU English community hosted an English Christmas concert. Many thanks to Cathy Williams the visionary, organizer, and door-prize-collector extraordinaire. About 200 people turned out for the event, a packed house. There were lots of different singers and songs. The feature of the night was Adam Smith, one of the best pianists I've ever heard. (Our church is blessed to have him almost every week, and Emma and Brett get to take lessons from him.)
Emma has been practicing Jingle Bells for this event, and she did a great job. (not actually her in the picture.) Unfortunately, she wasn't listed in the program, and I missed her spot. I was setting up for the bake sale (which would raise money for Tanzania during intermission). Someone came out and told me that Emma just finished. I almost cried. I was so sad to have missed her first performance. I was picturing her telling stories to her friends as a college student about her workaholic pastor father who even missed her first piano recital.
Gratefully, I got to talk with Adam about it all when some other people were performing, and he decided to invite Emma up for an encore as the finale to the show. I was delighted. Emma did a great job, even singing along. You can listen to the audio track at Adam's website.
By the way, Sarah also sang a beautiful duet of "Winter Wonderland" with our friend Amanda Highsmith, but I don't think that track is on the site.
One more note, the bake sale and donation baskets brought in over 900,000 won (almost $1,000) for our mission trip to Tanzania.
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