Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Preventative War with Iran??

My friend, David Brush, recently made a post on his blog about the possibility of war with Iran, and what a bad idea that would be. You can read it by clicking here: "Headlong into War."

David references an article by Brian McClaren, one of my favorite authors. You can read it here: "Waking Up to War with Iran."

Today, I read a post on John Edwards' website on the same theme, and I want to pass it on to you. Here is a summary quote:
"There is a difference between doing everything in our power to keep America safe and a reckless, belligerent policy that actually makes us less safe. The preventive war doctrine was a stunning departure from the policy that had kept America safe during both world wars and during the Cold War. It is wrong on the merits, wrong on the morals, and wrong for America."
Read the whole article here: "Learning the Lessons of Iraq and a Plan for Iran."

While we're on this topic (and putting out links to other articles), you might also want to read this article by Jim Wallis (a Christian advocate for social justice): "A War Pitched with a 'Curve Ball.'" Imagine former high level leaders of the United States, including possibly a president, convicted of war crimes! Amazingly, this is probably exactly what should happen because the U.S. government willingly and publicly rejected international rules (e.g. the Geneva Conventions) banning torture and a variety of other rules for fair war.
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