Monday, November 26, 2007

Don't Just Read, People! Post Something!

So lots of people out there have told me you are reading this blog (well maybe not lots, but a good strong handful, anyway), especially the house church discussion.
Don't just read! Post something!
I know that some of you are introverts, and you need time after you read to process the information and think about what you would like to say. Not everyone has diareah of the mouth, like me, where whatever you are thinking just comes right out.
But come back to the discussion after a few days or a few weeks. Put something up there. Even if you've talked to me personally, post it on the blog so that others can hear what you have to say, too. And make sure to read the comments from other people, too. I hope this can be a wider discussion.
Looking forward to more feedback from you out there, whoever you are.
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