Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Free Rice Site Grows Exponentially!!!

I am amazed and blessed by what is happening at This is a simple website with an English vocabulary game. It asks multiple choice questions. When you click an answer, the next screen has four elements: 1) the correct answer, 2) a new question, 3) some very small ads by sponsors, and 4) the total grains of rice you have "earned" during this playing session. You "earn" 10 grains of rice for every right answer. 2,000 grains of rice add up to one adult size serving. This rice is then distributed through the United Nations Food Program, probably the world's largest hunger relief agency.
10 grains of rice might not sound like much. Why bother? If you play for 20-30 minutes, you might "earn" a total of 1 serving of rice. Not such a big deal. It's even less of a big deal if you only play for 5 minutes.
But consider the collective effect. started on October 7, and gave away 830 grains of rice that day, not even enough for one serving. However, by October 11, they were already up to 4,000,000 grains of rice a day. By October 17, they were giving away more than 10,000,000 grains of rice a day. By November 10, they crossed the 100,000,000 mark. Now, just 4 days later, they are poised to give away 200,000,000 grains of rice in just one day. That's 200,000 free servings of rice EVERY DAY! To date, has given away a total of 1,712,371,750 grains of rice. That's 856,000 bowls of rice ... for free ... in just over a month!!

The potential here is amazing! With this site alone, we could feed millions FOR FREE. This is a beautiful example of creatively merging business and charity!
Put this information in your church bulletin. Put a link and/or a banner to on your website. We can change the world for free just by playing a game!

(By the way, if anyone knows the details of blogger, I could use some help. I couldn't get free rice banner on the right to become a hyper link to the site. Any ideas?)
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