Sunday, October 14, 2007

sickness, quizzes, and friends staying over

So on Wednesday, Emma played hard with her friends in the afternoon. Sarah thought she looked a little sick, so she put her down for a nap about 5pm. Emma slept straight through until 8am, for a full 15 hours of sleep! The next evening she still seemed a little sick. On Friday, we could definitely tell she was getting sick, but we gave her some medicine and sent her on to school. By Friday night, she sounded like a 55 year old smoker. It's a pretty odd thing to hear a 4 year old speak in a deep husky voice. Saturday we took her to the doctor - nothing serious, just a cold/cough. She stayed home on Sunday and again today.
But that means that either Sarah or I will have to stay home from work today. I'm giving quizzes today, so I called Adam, another prof at KNU, and asked him to administer my first quiz. Sarah will be home by the time my second class starts.
Other news, our friend KyungRan and her daughter SuHyun (also 4) spent the night at our house. Their new apartment is ready, but their furniture won't be moved in until noon today. It's been nice having them here. We wish YongGi could have come, but he has to work today in another city.
Also, yesterday, we had our last Advisory Council meeting for this church year. We had a lot of decisions to make, but the discussion flowed freely, and the mood was very positive throughout the meeting. We really are learning how to do this. That feels good.
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