Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Economic Justice Sermon - coming soon

So we're into week two of the series on finances, but last week when I was preparing the sermon on "What does the Bible say about money?" I felt a lot of anxiety and sadness because the Bible says far too much to explain in one sermon, without just listing off bullet points. I settled on focusing in on one main theme - the dangerous blessing of money and talents.

However, I realized that our series needs something more. Every sermon scheduled in the series (overview, debt, saving, giving) focuses on personal finances. There is no macro-view, no overall statement of the Bible's teaching on an economically just society.

The Bible actually teaches a great deal about economic justice, maybe even more on this than on personal finances. Also, economic justice is both near to my heart and one of the least understood themes of the Bible.

Soooooooo, I'm adding one sermon to the series on financial peace: Biblical Economics. The focus will be on alleviating poverty, adjusting social structures to give poor people a fair chance, and the failure of religion to take seriously the needs of the world and our responsibility to help. I'll be preparing for it today and writing it tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of warning here, but if you have any comments, post them quick.
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