Monday, October 15, 2007

Debt Week - Focus on Virtues?

So this week is week 3 in the Financial Peace series, and the topic is "Dumping Debt." Here's what I'm thinking so far.
1. Talk about the culture of consumerism.
2. A short take on the Bible's perspective on debt. (It doesn't actually say all that much, so we have read between the lines for debt issues in our 21st century economy.)
3. Problems with debt can be symptoms of our lack of virtue: patience, self-control, faithfulness, contentment, peace, (not to mention wisdom, which may or may not be a virtue). Interestingly, most of these virtues are listed as "fruit of the Spirit" in Galatians 5. My hope here is to strike at the root rather than simply attacking the symptoms. We can work all our lives to get out of debt, and we might actually be able to do that, but still never deal with the internal issues which lead to high debt loads. (Granted: this whole sermon is pointed toward people in high income countries who accrue high interest debt or expensive mortgages simply as a personal choice. This is not to degrade those in poor countries who are forced into high interest loans each year to purchase seed for their farms.)
4. Basic strategies for getting out of debt.

What do you think?
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