Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How Dangerous Is Bangladesh? (Talk Back Series)

Talk Back Question:  I wonder how dangerous it might be to live or stay in Bangladesh?
[This question can in on a Talk Back card at our church.]

Well, visiting Bangladesh is pretty safe (or we wouldn’t be doing it).  However, we have to take some precautions.  For example, our teams are limited in size - so as not to attract too much attention - and we are careful to stay in safe places. Bangladesh is not a radical country.  There are almost no terrorists and few fundamentalists.  Overall, most of the dangers come from its poverty not from its religious situation. However, it sounds like your question is more related to a long-term stay.  Actually a few people from our church have contemplated a stay of 3-6 months in Bangladesh.  Our partners in Bangladesh said they would welcome longer term volunteers (as long as the visa can be obtained).  They could stay in Dhaka and volunteer at the national ministry center, or they could stay in Birganj (the town closest to the Village of Hope).   The main things for safety are not traveling at night and avoiding spending the night in isolated places.  Otherwise, it should be safe for a long-term stay.
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