Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silas Marner Review

Over the winter, Sarah and I read what turned out to be a perfect winter book and a great book for reading aloud. Silas Marner was written by Mary Anne Evans in 1861, but she published it under the pen name of George Elliot "to make sure her works were taken seriously."
Silas Marner is a man who was wronged by his friends and by his religion. He retreats into his work (weaving) and becomes a shell of a man, hording his meager income and avoiding all contact with others if at all possible.
His life is completely changed when he adopts an orphaned child who wanders into his cottage. She opens him to life again, and she even helps him reconnect with God and with his community.
Silas Marner is a beautiful little story about the meaning of life, redemption, and community. There are also several interesting sideplots which contribute greatly to the story.
I give this book a strong 4j's: jjjj.
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