Monday, February 9, 2009

Family Series 5: Finances

It's time for our next installment of Cajun jokes. One day Boudreaux and Tibedeaux were sitting around complaining about how they never had no money. Boudreaux, he say, “Bra, I'm so broke, my girlfriend and I got married just so we could get the rice they would throw.”

Tibedeaux, he say, “Well, I'm so broke the bank called me yesterday, and they asked for their calendar back.”

Boudreaux, he got another one: “I'm so broke I had to make monthly payments on a Big Mac set at McDonald's.”

Tibedeaux come right back: “Keaw, I'm so broke I was walking down the street with one shoe. They say to me, 'Hey Tib, you lost a shoe!' But I say back, 'No bra, I found one!'”

Boudreax he think hard, and he say one more: “Tib you know that chicken place, KFC, where they say that chicken's finger licking good. Well, I so broke I go there to lick other people's fingers!”

Tibedeaux say, “Yeah, man, you're broke!”

Half of all married couples fight about money. In one survey in the USA, 57% of divorced couples said that money problems were the biggest reason they split up. Parents are the single greatest influence on a child's future financial success. If the parents manage money well, and if they involve their children in that process, then the kids are much more likely to become good money managers. Finances are the highest rank cause of stress in survey after survey.

Money is a big deal for families. ...

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