Monday, March 17, 2008

Family Update - Sarah

Sarah has started working at KNU. She teaches conversational English, just like me. She scored an easy schedule this semester. Everyone has fewer classes than normal, due to an added requirement of us taking TESOL and Korean classes, but one of Sarah's classes was canceled. She now has one less class than I do. However, she does more free talking. Actually, Sarah free talks with a flower design professor every week. (Free talking is just unstructured conversation, something that is very important for developing language skills and comfort.)
And, yes, we really do have flower design classes. We actually have a flower design major. I know it sounds a little like "basket weaving," but flower design is a big deal here in Korea. Some church boards actually have a position for the flower design trustee. Any major event will have racehorse style or funeral style huge 7 foot tall (2 meters) flower arrangements. It's quite amazing really. It's not uncommon to walk past the opening of a large business or the entrance to a hall where a big celebration is happening and see large banks of flower displays, which must total several thousand dollars in cost.
Sarah is also teaching at Emma's preschool. This turns out to be a great deal for us and for them. Sarah teaches there two hours a week, and Emma goes to school for free. I think last week Sarah taught them some simple songs like, "Where Is Thumbkin?" She said it's pretty fun.
Other news on the Sarah front, her ladies Bible study is starting up again. She has found new energy for this because of learning how extremely important the Bible study has been for one of the members who has been going through a difficult time. She is really starting to develop some good relationships with the ladies there. After the Bible study, there is a play group for the children.
Sarah is still trying to get adjusted to her new schedule at the university. It is a little more demanding than her middle school schedule, so she's still trying to figure out how to shuffle her time to make room for exercise, prayer, and household stuff. You could pray for us all about that.
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