Thursday, February 21, 2008

Playing Catch-up

So after a month of high-stress, barely keeping my head above water, work, I am now finally playing catch up. I will not be preaching for the next three weeks, so I have a burden of pressure lifted, and I can focus on some less urgent but still important things.
This week I have:
- given a much needed cleaning to my office, including sorting through the mountain of books and papers on my coffee table and desk. That mountain has now dwindled down to a smattering of post-it notes and scattered papers - still not what I would call neat, but a vast improvement.
- met with a slew of people. I've had lunch appointments every day of the week, plus extra appointments on most days. I am catching up on some pastoral visits and meeting with people to start working out the (corresponding) slew of activities our Advisory Council approved on Sunday.
- slightly reworked my syllabus and English teaching handouts. I had planned to give them a major going over, but I've settled on some minor (very unstressful) changes.
- completely caught up with my gmail account.
- begun to attack my yahoo email account, which has almost 150 unanswered emails! I am starting from the back, so right now I'm answering emails from January.

I'm still not caught up, but I've decided to to skip my planned spiritual retreat, due to the incredible (and mostly unplanned and unavoidable) busyness of this winter break. That extra time should reduce my stress and help me start the semester on solid footing.
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