Friday, February 22, 2008

Emma's Theology

Thursday night, our friend Amanda (christened "Mamanda" by Emma) graciously agreed to a late night babysitting venture so Sarah could join me at pool night. Later she sent us an email relaying what happened during bedtime:

Oh funny after I read the books to Emma I was saying good night and almost forgot to pray. As I'm looking at the puzzled look on her face, I remembered. I asked if she wanted to pray or if she wanted me to. She said that she wanted me to pray. So I start...."Dear Jesus...." I forget to ask that she have no bad dreams and since I'm some what praying for her I say "please help me to have no bad dreams" when I finish she's like pray that I don't have bad dreams either. Oops what was I thinking. So I then pray that EMMA doesn't have bad dreams. When I finally finish she says we usually say "Dear God" then I say well they are the same. And she's like "no they're not." I say "well....yeah..." Then she said "well they're not. Jesus lives in the clouds next to God, but God is all around us."
Hope I haven't confused her too much.

And we think the Trinity is hard for adults!

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