Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Visit to my Spiritual Director

So yesterday, I made the journey into Seoul to see my spiritual director. Father Sean is an Irish priest. He's been in Korea for decades, and he's a recovering alcoholic. He became an alcoholic as he hung out with university students working on truth and justice issues as a young priest. He entered AA and is now an advocate for all sorts of recovery programs here in Korea.
There was nothing particularly stunning about our discussion. However, I realized once again that many of the problems I had in leading our church this spring ... um sprung from the fact that I was "too busy" to visit my spiritual director and "too busy" to do much waiting on God's Spirit to guide and to reshape me. With the official organization of our church and my ordination, I felt on fire to make radical growth steps as a church. Unfortunately, I think that was mostly my own ambition speaking and not the fire of the Holy Spirit. I think that, if I had been listening more closely to the Spirit, I would have had more patience to move forward with the people instead of running over the people.
So I'm back to slowing down and making space for God to speak to me. I read two more chapters of Humble Leadership, and I'm really liking this book. In this last chapter, he talks about "mystical intelligence," like IQ or EQ (emotional intelligence), but indicating our ability to tap into and discern what the Spirit is doing in that mystical transcendent/immanent realm. I want to become more aware of the Spirit in my day to day life.
Along these lines, I think I'll have to change my sermon topic for this week. Sunday's Lectionary text is Luke 16:1-13, but the point of this passage is almost exactly the point I want to make in my first sermon in the Financial Peace series in October, so I think I'll save this text till then. Instead, I'll probably preach on the prodigal son/prodigal Father at the end of Luke 15. I guess I'm thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a community of people who live out the radical, open, seeking grace of God.
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