Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Land of Up and Down

There's not much space in Korea, lots of people packed into not very much land. So everything goes up instead of out. Our apartment building is 15 stories high. The KNU dormitory is 9 stories tall. At the beginning of this year, KNU built a new building between my office and my apartment which is 7 stories tall. (It has a really nice banquet hall with a beautiful sky-light on the 7th floor. I'm hoping we can have a church dinner there sometime.)
With the advent of this new building, I now have a short-cut to my office. So I leave my apartment, take the elevator down 9 floors, walk across the street, go up 2 floors, walk across another small campus street, and go up 5 more floors. So in the horizontal distance of about one block, I go up and down 16 flights. Kind of crazy for a kid from the US suburbs, where everything goes out instead of up. The highest building in my hometown was 2, maybe 3, stories high.
When the weather is nice (not too hot and not rainy - some of the stairs are outside), I'm trying to force myself to walk all of those flights up the stairs to my office. That leads to walking up 7 flights of stairs in a row. I can kind of feel it in my legs as I'm getting near the top, but I figure that's a pretty easy way to get a little exercise. (Today, I was lazy and took the elevator all the way.)
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