Friday, September 14, 2007

Replies - especially Velvet Elvis and emergent church

Thanks for the comments everyone.
I don't know when we'll get pictures up. Maybe I can talk Sarah into posting some now that our home computer is fixed.
Dave, I just bought Velvet Elvis. (Your recommendation was the straw that broke the amazon camel's back.) I look forward to reading it and maybe discussing it here.
I agree that the emergent church and postmodernism are not just a new way to do "contemporary worship." This is becoming a radically different approach to Christianity. As a globe we are (unevenly) in the midst of a revolution of thought parallel to the Renaissance/Enlightenment/Copernican Revolution. This causes huge questions about theology and practice. What is orthodoxy? What is orthopraxy? How do we even make these decisions? Should we even try to make these decisions? If the old way of doing church isn't working, what is the new way? How do we change our whole way of thinking and remain faithful to the gospel? (After all, we have only known it in our old way of thinking.) I guess that is the big question surrounding all of this - How do we proceed through these changes and remain faithful? What must change? What must never change? What is optional? How do we decide?
At this point, I have WAY more questions than answers.
However, I am beginning to get a sense of one thing. Possibly the single most underrated part of Christianity is following Jesus. I mean, actually following him, living life like him. I wonder if the "Postmodern Reformation" might be a return to truly following Jesus instead of just talking about it. This might be something that could unite all Christians and even all people.
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