Saturday, October 26, 2013

Crowd Sourced Questions: Bible

We wanted to know what questions people are really asking.  For about two months, we asked our people to turn in their own questions and to poll their friends.  I even put my writing class students to work on this through homework assignments.  This Sunday, we'll try to answer as many questions as possible in a rapid-fire two minute answer format.  
Yesterday, I posted the first category of questions: Questions about Theology.
Here is the second category: Questions about the Bible. 
Feel free to offer up your own answers or questions in the comment section.  I'll try to post the audio of our Q and A time after we do it.  But for now, it may be helpful just to take a little refresher course on what questions people are actually asking - not just what questions do we think others should ask.

What is the mark of the beast?

What did they do with all that meat sacrificed at the temple?

What is a Nazirite, and how is it related to a Nazarene?

How was the Bible formed?  What about the Gnostic gospels?

Why is the God of the OT so different from the God of the NT?

What about genocide in the OT?  What are we supposed to do with that?

Why do Christians tend to focus on the NT instead of the OT?

How can we know what the Bible really means when so many Christians disagree about it?

How can we be sure the Bible is reliable?  (We can’t just believe in the Bible because the Bible says to believe.  That’s circular logic.)

If the Bible is the word of God, why was it written by humans and edited by kings for their own benefit?

Why does Christianity paraphrase, cherry-pick, and leave out significant parts of the Bible? For example, the Bible says that if you wear clothing made of two or more materials, you are be put to death.

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