Thursday, March 7, 2013

Relearning America: 003 - Boogie Board Sledding

The skies over Indiana gifted us with 12.5 inches of snow on Tuesday, and Wednesday night prayer meeting was canceled, so the obvious response is to get the kids and go sledding.   If you can't pray together, at least play together!
Our host proved abundantly hospitable again, this time loaning us the use of two boogie boards her sons picked up on a vacation to Hawaii.  Boogie boards are actually designed as surfboard substitutes for the oceans, but somewhere along the way, people discovered that they skim across snow just as well.
Together with Greg (my new lead pastor) and his kids, we zinged up and down a nice little hill dozens of times.  We wore out the kids, and the adults were even starting to sweat.  
The best line of the day came from Greg: "Best staff meeting ever!"
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