Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Relearning America: 002 - Snow Blowers

Texas doesn't have many snow blowers.  When it snowed in Houston, it was a few little flurries once every five years, and everyone rushed outside to witness this strange event.
But today, when we got home I heard a strange humming sound, kind of a cross between a lawn mower and a chainsaw.  Snow blowers.
Then, I learned how to crank one up and do it myself.  Our lovely host, Pam, showed me the snow blowing ropes, and I gave her driveway a good workover.  I'll try to clear it again tonight or tomorrow morning - paying our rent in labor.
We probably won't buy a snow blower when we get our own home, but I'm sure there will be days when I'll want one.   Welcome to Indiana.
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