Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Retro Poem #11: Nothing Comes Out

Do you know 
   that when you cry
   I feel it?
Do you know
   that when you hold it back
   I feel that too?
Sometimes I feel you
   hold down a great big sob
   but nothing comes out.
Sometimes the tears are there,
   but the fears are there too,
   and nothing comes out.
Sometimes you’ve long since 
   stopped the tears
   and I hug you
   and everything wants to start again
   but nothing comes out.
A great big cry
   bundled up with pain and fear
   and whatever else - I don’t know -
   surges toward the surface
   and slams into the wall 
   of your determination.
I am not sure exactly 
   what you are determined to do
   except to hold that bundle down
   and nothing comes out.
Your will is strong;
   you can do almost anything you want.
But sometimes I wish 
   that you would not master your emotions.
I wish they were free to be released
   good, bad
   strong, weak
   attractive, or not
   I wish they came out.
When a sob surges
   it needs to be released.
Emancipate the prisoners,
   and emancipate yourself.

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