Thursday, July 12, 2012

Retro Poem #6: The Letter Box

words are but words
and words with words
make no more than words
but words are what I have to give you
a word in itself 
is but a scratch on paper
or a breath in the air
the one who speaks the word
does give it some measure of weight
yet words and words are hollow
until words and deeds are one
yet with words I work my deeds
or some portion thereof
time excels all words
and time I plan to give
but time is not all mine
I must for others live
so when life pulls my time away
my words to you I’ll give
words are but words
when words alone
but these words I give
are not mere words
for in the giving
words and deeds are one
a gift I give to you today
not for the gift itself
but for what it will hold
it will hold my words
my words when we’re apart
my words when we’re together
as my pen flows in endless rhyme
my words will grow with time
and time will show
that time I’ll give
to accompany the words
which will build beneath this lid

(I wrote this poem as part of a Christmas gift to Sarah before we got married.  The other half of the gift was a hand-painted box for her to store our letters in while we were apart.  During that Christmas vacation, we started a tradition of writing one letter to each other every day that we are apart.  We are still continuing this tradition 12 years later.  Oh, and, I wrote the entire poem on a long role of paper ribbon which I then used to wrap the box.)
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