Sunday, April 12, 2009

Book Reviews

Here are two quick book reviews.
1. Culture Smart! Korea - by James Hoare. The subtitle is a fair summary of the book: "a quick guide to customs and etiquette." It really is quick. I read it in 1-2 days. I guess this would be a good book for someone brand new to Korea. For me, having lived here 5 years, there was only the occasional new insight (and a few things I thought weren't true). However, I also found a few healthy reminders of the Korean way of thinking and doing. Several times when I read, I thought, "Oh, yes, that's why I have trouble with Korean culture at that point. I often forget that." Also, this book has a nice but brief overview of modern Korean history which is a good review or a good introduction for newcomers. I would recommend it, but it's not profound, so 4js. jjjj.
2. Treasure Island - by Robert Louis Stevenson. This book is also not profound, but it is profoundly entertaining. It was difficult for me to stop reading even late into the night. The action never stops! The characters are well developed, and the action sequences (while not always fully credible) are entrancing. Also, the fate of the pirates in the book serves as a portrait of antinomianism (or anything goes ethics). The pirate language, swashbuckling, and the infamous Long John Silver make for a pretty cool read. I highly recommend this book for someone who wants a quick, fun read. There is a reason this is a classic! 5Js. JJJJJ.
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