Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blue Like Jazz - Review

Mostly during Lent, Sarah and I read Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz. (Thanks for the great loan Beverly!) Much like jazz music, this book has an outline, but when it comes to the details it doesn't seem like he has much of a plan. He just kind of wanders around the various topics with long, interesting, funny, touching stories, but somehow by the end of each chapter he has wrapped it all up into a very nice and thought provoking take on the topic at hand.
And all of these topics revolve around one central topic - relearning Christianity outside the traditional religious box. Miller calls this "Christian spirituality."
Miller is a great story teller, and his fresh take on lots of old topics is very enticing. Also, the book is filled with first hand stories telling in a very authentic voice his own up and down struggle to make sense of how to follow Jesus in world that has dramatically changed in the last 50 years.
I would highly recommend this book for anyone interested in faithful Christianity in our changing world. I am also seriously considering recommending the book to one of my non-Christian friends who has expressed a beginning interest in the Bible and God.
All in all, I'm torn between 4js and 5Js. Sometimes, what he presents isn't so much profound as fresh, funny and interesting, but I guess that's worth its salt too. And, I can strongly recommend the book, so I'll give it the full JJJJJ.
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