Friday, January 2, 2009

Costco in Cheonan?

Joe just called me and said he saw a sign that said (as far as he can figure from the Korean text) that Costco is coming to Cheonan. If you don't live in Korea, you may not know that Costco is the Mecca for foreign foods here. Hundreds of expats living in Cheonan gladly make the train ride to Daejeon (the biggest city close to us) to visit the Costco there, conveniently located next to the train station. This is the source of our affordable cheeses, sour cream, hamburger meat, tortillas, canned goods, and a plethora of other yummy stuff.
So far this is just one step up from a rumor, but wouldn't it be great - and a little dangerous!

Oh, yeah, and if you haven't heard the Seoul Subway line now has a stop right outside KNU - called the SsangYong (Nazaret Dae) Station. (SsangYong is our neighborhood and Nazaret Dae is Korea Nazarene University.)

Moving on up...
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