Friday, May 31, 2013

Giving and Grieving (Team Patrick)

They're selling mugs and doilies between sniffles and memories.  
This past January Patrick Renehan lost his battle with cancer.  As part of the grieving process his family is raising money for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life Team Patrick.  Today and tomorrow, Patrick's family have gathered in our church to host a garage sale, raising funds to prevent and to cure cancer.  (
What strikes me today is the essential healthiness of this as a step in the grieving process.  Instead of wallowing alone in grief, they are allowing their grief to motivate them toward good.  Each time a customer asks what Team Patrick is all about, they are able to recount a bit of his life and death.  As painful as that retelling is (evidenced by the kleenex box on the table), each time they voice that loss and connect with a forward looking good, a little piece of their heart heals.  
So for all of the Renehan crew out there today, my heart goes out to you (along with a few stray dollars as I keep finding new things to buy).  But more than that, I want to commend you for such a wise choice of how to grieve.  I pray that God comforts you and teaches us all through your example.
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